Russian cosmonaut Kikina spoke about the “sweet” tradition of NASA astronauts

Global Look Press |  Roscosmos
Global Look Press | Roscosmos

Cosmonaut Kikina spoke about the tradition of astronauts who cut the cake before flying into space.

Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina, who visited the International Space Station, spoke about the tradition of NASA astronauts. Astronauts perform a cake-cutting ceremony before space flight, she said. About it informs RIA News.

Kikina said that especially for the ceremony, bakers prepare a huge cake with the emblem of the crew. Specialists and other employees who ensure the operation of the simulators and all the training of the crew are also invited to eat sweets.

“The astronauts and cosmonauts say words of gratitude to the employees, to everyone who provided them with training, and they all eat a piece of cake together, talking in a pleasant environment,” the astronaut shared.

It is worth noting that Kikina is the only woman among Russian cosmonauts who flew to the ISS from October 5, 2022 to March 12, 2023. She flew on the American ship Crew Dragon (Dragon Crew).

Earlier it was reported that an exhibition dedicated to female cosmonauts opened in St. Petersburg.


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