Russian companies have come up with a way to deal with the shortage of personnel

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Russian companies are actively investing in the training of their employees against the backdrop of a shortage of personnel. This practice is part of a strategy to retain and attract employees, experts from the Get experts recruiting company and the Future Hub platform said.

“Russian companies continue to invest in the education of their employees even amid the current economic difficulties. One of the priorities is the development of digital skills among employees,” reports the experts.businessman“.

The publication clarifies that of the two thousand companies surveyed, only 5% said they did not train their employees. Moreover, employers most often focus on developing digital skills in their employees.

Earlier, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova said that almost 2,000 students from metropolitan colleges would be selected for a targeted agreement with Rostec. In 2023, 1,700 college students in Moscow will be selected under a targeted agreement with Rostec and 700 students under an agreement with the metro.

20 leading Moscow colleges will soon switch to new training programs, writes “National News Service”. The Institute for Economic Policy said that 35% of Russian industrial enterprises faced a shortage of employees, writes MK.

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