Russian centers in Yerevan and Vanadzor organized Armenian language courses |  Rita Willaert/CC BY 2.0 | Rita Willaert/CC BY 2.0

The initiative was prepared by the House of Moscow in Yerevan. The training is aimed at facilitating integration into Armenian society.

Residents and guests of Armenia will now be able to study the Armenian language in Russian centers. Free courses can be taken in Yerevan and Vanadzor. The training includes familiarization with local traditions and cultural values, which will simplify the process of integration into the Armenian society. The initiative was organized by the House of Moscow in Yerevan, – writes Sputnik Armenia – News.

Earlier, a teacher at a Ukrainian university was suspended from work for conducting classes in Russian. The lecturer in philosophy was suspended from teaching. The administration of the educational institution will conduct an internal investigation into this incident.


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