Russian builders in the DPR and LPR may be exempt from mobilization

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that Russian builders who are restoring the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics may receive a reprieve from mobilization. According to Mr. Khusnullin, the issue is being discussed with the Defense Ministry.

“We are now considering the issue of quotas (for a deferment from partial mobilization – ”b”) for those builders who work in new territories. There are now 32 thousand builders already working,” said TASS vice premier. He noted that it is planned to attract about 30 thousand more builders on the territory of the DPR and LPR.

As Kommersant reported, on September 23, the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials and the Construction Industry sent an appeal to Marat Khusnullin with a request to grant a deferment from the mobilization of employees with rare high-tech specialties. It was reported that many employees of the construction industry left their places after the announcement of mobilization. Miners, sailors, aircraft pilots, manufacturers of microelectronics and video games also asked for a delay.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, 300,000 people are planned to be drafted to participate in hostilities in Ukraine. On September 23, the Ministry of Defense reported that citizens with higher education, specialties in the banking and IT sectors, mobile operators and the media would not be called up for military service. On September 27, the Ministry of Digital Transformation published a list of 195 specialties in the fields of IT and communications, for which a deferment from mobilization is recommended. According to the presidential decree, full-time and part-time students are also not subject to conscription.

For more information about those exempted from partial mobilization, see Kommersant’s article “The Ministry of Digital Development will book personnel.”

Lusine Balasyan


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