Russian and Belarusian scientists have developed a new technology for alternative energy

Russian and Belarusian scientists have found a simple way to create silicon-germanium films

Scientists of the National Research University “Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology” (NRU MIET), together with Belarusian colleagues, have developed a simple and safe way to create silicon-germanium films. The discovery is of great importance for alternative energy. The magazine wrote about it Material Letters.

Films based on an alloy of silicon and germanium make it possible to convert waste heat into electricity at metallurgical plants, nuclear power plants and other industrial facilities with high-temperature processes. The approach proposed by the researchers will expand the scope of such films — they can be used in the production of photodetectors and solar energy elements.

“The approaches used to create silicon-germanium alloy films have a number of problems and require compliance with special conditions, which hinders the wide introduction of this material. Our methodology is designed to solve this problem,” explained Ilya Gavrilin, Associate Professor at the Institute of Advanced Materials and Technologies of the National Research University MIET.

The new method makes it possible to control the concentration of germanium over a wide range and create an alloy with optimal properties.

“The technique is based on the possibility recently discovered at our university to obtain germanium by electrochemical reduction of germanium dioxide from aqueous solutions <…>. There are no published analogues of our technology <…> today,” Gavrilin added.

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