Russian Ambassador to Washington said that the United States has no desire for a peaceful settlement

The allocation of a large new package of military assistance to Ukraine demonstrates the unwillingness of the US authorities to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

On the eve of the Pentagon announced the supply of arms and ammunition for 2.1 billion dollars.

“The United States continues to pump its charges with new batches of deadly weapons. The allocation of such impressive funds for these purposes indicates one thing: Washington does not intend to look for ways to a diplomatic settlement of the conflict. Administration officials have done nothing to bring the Zelenskiy regime to the negotiating table.” he added.

According to the ambassador, it is impossible for Washington to back down from the task of “inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia.”

“The reputation of the country’s leadership, which has chosen the path of war, rather than diplomatic outcomes, is at stake … It is obvious that the return of peace to the long-suffering land of Ukraine is not included in the plans of Washington strategists,” Antonov said.

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