Russian Ambassador Nechaev: Germany hides inconvenient facts about explosions at Nord Stream

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Damage to Nord Stream

Germany continues to ignore Moscow’s requests for information on the progress of the investigation into sabotage at Nord Stream. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Berlin Sergei Nechaev. In his opinion, it is beneficial for the country to hush up the “inconvenient facts” about what happened.

“However, it seems that here [в Германии] are more interested in hiding uncomfortable facts,” Nechaev said in an interview withNews”. In his opinion, Berlin is one of the most interested parties in this matter, so they should look into what happened there. The ambassador clarified that the investigation into the terrorist attacks on gas pipelines continues, but the country is in no hurry to disclose at least some results.

The day before, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, referring to the investigations of European journalists, reported that two Ukrainians are suspected of a terrorist attack on the Nord Stream. Explosions at Nord Stream occurred in September 2022. American journalist Seymush Hersh accused the United States and the CIA of blowing up gas pipelines. Supervisory authorities of European countries did not want to start an investigation. The authors of the German newspaper Die Zeit found a Ukrainian trace in blowing up gas pipelines. However, Kiev denied information about Ukraine’s involvement in sabotage.


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