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Aerospace Russia received a new line of ultra-precise long-range bombs, which includes various ammunition that differ in caliber, flight range, and guidance systems, which are capable of hitting not only stationary objects, but also moving tanks at a distance of tens of kilometers.

Until recently, the VKS arsenal included KAB-500S air bombs, developed at the beginning of the century and actively used in Syria, where they showed high accuracy. However, even when dropped from high altitudes, KABs fly no more than nine kilometers. But with long-range planning ammunition, aircraft will be able to strike without entering the enemy’s air defense coverage area.

And at the same time, they are much cheaper than guided missiles, providing comparable accuracy. In addition, due to the lack of a rocket engine and fuel, the bomb can carry a more massive warhead.

“The experience of a special military operation has shown that the air forces need relatively inexpensive precision-guided munitions. Such products can quickly hit ground targets and even support infantry in battle, destroying enemy firing points. If the enemy has modern, long-range and maneuverable air defense systems, then high-precision aerial bombs will help reduce the risk to carrier aircraft. It is enough for the pilot to gain a predetermined altitude, reset and then quickly move away from air defense fire. The bomb, thanks to its correction system, will do everything by itself, ” — told “Izvestia” military historian Dmitry Boltenkov.

In turn, the developer of the 9M338 rocket for Tor-M2 Victor Yeletsky said that the complex can effectively counteract such ammunition, but it is extremely difficult to completely destroy a planning bomb:

“Type “A” is the complete destruction of the target as a result of a hit. The bomb has a very thick body, which our relatively light warhead is far from always able to penetrate. Even firing two missiles at such a target would not solve the problem. In such a situation, it is necessary to work on the hardware part.

A few years ago, for the needs of the Russian Aerospace Forces, they began to develop Thunder bombs with a flight range of 60 to 120 kilometers. The small diameter and folding wings make it possible to use the Thunder not only from manned aircraft, but also from drones. The bomb can be placed in the internal compartments of low-profile Su-57 fighters and Okhotnik UAVs. Su-34 bombers and the Altair medium strike bombers can also carry them on an external sling.

But the autopilot “Gromov” allows you to perform complex maneuvers in flight. According to the developer, the ammunition is capable of turning 180 degrees and destroying targets in the rear hemisphere of the bomber. They are guided using the onboard inertial navigation system and signals from the GLONASS and NAVSTAR satellites.

The Drel aerial bomb is also being tested, which is a new basic model of a 500-kilogram gliding bomb cluster.

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