Russia will support the aspirations of African countries to gain sovereignty in the international arena |  STATE DUMA OF THE FEDERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION | STATE DUMA OF THE FEDERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Moscow, March 20. Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Oleg Ozerov declaredthat the country will help the states of the Black Continent in strengthening security and gaining sovereignty.

The diplomat noted that the powers of Africa are moving to a new stage of development, where they will achieve complete independence in foreign and domestic policy. The official indicated that Russia would provide the mainland with comprehensive support in this process.

Ozerov emphasized the importance of building equal relations between the Russian Federation and the countries of the Black Continent in many issues, in particular in the field of security and the economy. He added that Moscow can not only satisfy their needs through imports, but also assist in the development of their own industries.

In addition, the politician stated the need to jointly counter biological and climate threats. Natural disasters have repeatedly become the causes of humanitarian disasters in the region.

Earlier, the second international parliamentary conference “Russia-Africa” ​​started in Moscow. Its participants were officials from more than 40 African states.

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