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Russia will develop an alternative to Tetra Pak packaging


Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said that an experiment is underway to replace the foreign packaging of Tetra Pak and PurePak. According to her, it is planned to “marry” the Russian pulp and paper industry with food producers so that an alternative to imported packaging can be produced. Russian packaging, most likely, will not be white, but gray.

In an interview RBC Mrs. Abramchenko said that among the participants in the experiment were the Mondi group (which owns a pulp and paper mill in Komi), as well as the “Training and Experimental Dairy Plant” of the VGMHA named after. N.V. Vereshchagin” (produces milk and butter under the brand name “Vologda from Vologda”). They also test domestic paints manufactured by Gangut, ABV Flexo, and Print Color.

“We hope that the experiment will be successful. Maybe there will not be that beautiful white packaging that is familiar to the eye – it will be gray, as we call it, “environmentally friendly”, but it will be ours, domestic,” Victoria Abramchenko specified. She assured that “we will not return to aluminum cans”, and the new packaging will not affect the quality of the products that will be delivered in it. Serial production of the new packaging is planned to begin this year.

There is a shortage of packaging material in Russia due to sanctions imposed in response to the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The largest Russian supplier of these products, Tetra Pak, announced in March that it was temporarily ceasing to produce 2-liter wine and beverage packages. In April, Victoria Abramchenko instructed to prepare proposals to curb the rise in packaging prices. Soyuzmoloko suggested that regulators collect information on cardboard production by months and distribute it among packers.

Details – in the publication “Kommersant” “Cardboard on the table.”

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

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