Russia will change the rules for receiving pension savings

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They want to reduce the period during which Russians need to keep funds on an individual investment account of the third type (IIS-3) in order to receive tax benefits from 10 to five years. This was stated by the President of the National Association of Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR) Alexei Timofeev. The market believes that 10 years is too long a period to plan investments, which can reduce the popularity of the instrument.

Timofeev said that there is no investor on the market who is ready to build his financial plan for 10 years. According to him, the shorter the term for IIS-3, the greater the demand for the instrument. “If people have the opportunity to close IIS-3 earlier while maintaining tax benefits, but at the same time offer relief if they do not, this may become an argument that will lead individuals to further investments in the stock market,” Timofeev said.Izvestia“.

Previously, in order to receive a tax deduction and co-financing from the state, it was planned to conclude a pension contract for 10 years. State co-financing, as expected, could only be obtained with voluntary savings for retirement.


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