Russia starts accepting applications for artificial intelligence courses

In 2023, at least 1,950 people in Russia can be trained under the artificial intelligence (AI) program. Registration for the courses is already open, the project operator informs University 2035.

Ivan Shilov, IA REGNUM

The project is implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and University 2035 thanks to the federal project “Artificial Intelligence” national project “Digital Economy”. The state co-finances up to 90% of the courses. The rest can be paid on your own or at the expense of the employer (including co-financing, the amount of additional payment is from 10 to 25 thousand rubles).

The best courses on the online AI education market have been selected to participate in the program. These are developments ITMO University, Financial University under the Government of the Russian FederationYandex, SberUniversity, MIPT, MSTU im. N. E. Bauman, Innopolis University, TUSUR, RosNOU, 1T And Mobile e-education.

“Creating and maintaining AI systems requires certain skills and abilities. However, everyone can try to master them. Today, in order to build a career in the digital world, first of all, it is not the ability, but the desire to do it that matters”, – commented IA REGNUM Rector of the University 2035 Vadim Medvedev. According to him, advanced training courses allow you to quickly master the basics of AI and start working with data.

Students will be able to choose one of the courses in the professions in demand in the labor market: data analyst, data engineer, technical analyst, data architect, AI architect and AI project manager. Courses are held online, their duration is from 144 or from 250 hours, depending on the direction. Upon completion, a diploma of advanced training is issued.

Citizens of the Russian Federation can take part in the program – residents of all regions of Russia, over 18 years old and under retirement age, with higher or secondary vocational education, as well as students of colleges and universities. You can apply and choose a program on the website ai.2035. university.

Today, the state plays an important role in the development of artificial intelligence and its application in various fields. State support includes both funding for research and development in the field of AI, and the creation of relevant programs and projects in the field of higher education, explained IA REGNUM at MSTU im. N. E. Bauman.

One of the state-supported projects aimed at developing the field of AI and data is the implementation of the program “Data engineer”.

“The Data Engineer program is ideal for those who want to start a career in artificial intelligence and data science, as well as for those who are already working in this field and want to expand their skills and knowledge. It provides educational materials that will help students successfully master all the necessary skills and tools for working with data, from data collection to analysis and visualization.” explained IA REGNUM in Bauman.

In the learning process, it is possible to study topics such as databases, data storage and processing, the development of the architecture of an artificial intelligence system, and much more.

After completing the program “Data Engineer”, course graduates will be able to design and create databases and data warehouses; collect, process and analyze large amounts of data; develop artificial intelligence and machine learning systems; work with various tools and technologies for data processing; work in a team with other specialists in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Companies around the world are looking for specialists who can manage large amounts of data and use it to create forecasts and make management decisions,” — noted in the Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman.

The implementation of the program makes it possible to train highly qualified specialists who can later become a catalyst for the development of the industry and increase the competitiveness of the national economy of Russia, the teachers of the Moscow State Technical University named after M.V. N. E. Bauman.

Elena Zhogoleva at one time I graduated from Baumanka. She worked in the field of railway transportation, was engaged in planning and cost analysis for the repair of rolling stock, and at the end of 2018 she changed her field of activity and moved to work in IT. He says that the issue of mastering new competencies, expanding the tools used, understanding the principles of information systems operation is constantly on the agenda. In conversation with IA REGNUM she also noted that today AI is used everywhere. For example, in the navigator: artificial intelligence builds a route and takes into account sudden situations on the road, as well as their impact on the speed of the route. It is also known about the testing of cars controlled by AI.

“IT is the fastest growing industry at the moment: what was new in January is already being used everywhere in March. For this reason, I constantly improve my skills, master new technologies. In the AI ​​program, I was attracted by the opportunity to get acquainted with artificial intelligence algorithms and learn how to work with them. AI is used for tabular data analysis, text analysis, voice assistants and other processes. AI can analyze, for example, the current traffic situation much faster than a person and make a decision,” — shared Elena Zhogoleva.

Graduate Saratov State Agrarian University Pavel Nikitin completed a retraining program in the course “Banking”, and then completed the course “Data Analyst” at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. In conversation with IA REGNUM he explained: since the banking business is currently built on the collection, storage and processing of customer data, the knowledge gained is already yielding positive results in terms of making the right decisions that contribute to the speedy achievement of goals.

“The knowledge gained at least expanded my horizons in general and specifically in terms of mathematical analysis and correct data visualization. Most of all I liked the support from the training organizers in our chats. I was impressed by the opportunity to visit the Federation Council for the presentation of documents on the completion of training – it was interesting to meet my colleagues personally. As for the training itself, it was carried out at a fairly high pace,” Pavel noted.

Lecturer of the course “Data Analyst” at Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman Grigory Sokolov identified four main benefits of learning in the field of AI:

  • the demand for specialists in the market;

  • competitive salary;

  • almost limitless development possibilities;

  • possibility of remote work.

Several people after training in courses at MSTU. Bauman have already been employed at the university,” Sokolov said in an interview with REGNUM. Colleague Sokolov Yana Petrova added that a clear advantage of teaching in the field of AI is the many practical tasks that teachers analyze, answering all questions in the process. “The same software tools are used for training examples as in real commercial projects”, says the teacher.

As reported IA REGNUMBy national project “Digital Economy” modern technologies are actively introduced into the economy and social spheres, improving the quality of life and optimizing work processes. The economic effect of the introduction of artificial intelligence in Russia in 2021 amounted to more than 300 billion rubles.


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