Russia made a demarche to Germany, Denmark and Sweden for refusing to open data on the joint venture

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested to the ambassadors of Germany, Denmark and Sweden due to the refusal of these countries to provide Moscow with the results of investigations into sabotage committed in 2022 on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines.. About this says in a statement from the Russian diplomatic mission.

“On May 25, the ambassadors of Germany, Denmark and Sweden were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, who were strongly protested in connection with the complete lack of results of the national investigations allegedly carried out by the authorities of these countries of sabotage at Nord Stream in September 2022, their inability to ensure transparency investigative actions, indicated in the message.

According to the statement of the department, the Russian Federation stated that Germany, Denmark and Sweden have no interest in establishing the real circumstances of the incident. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, they are playing for time and trying to hide the traces and real perpetrators of sabotage, behind which, according to the department, “famous countries stand.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also considered it not accidental that there were leaks in the media of implausible versions that only confuse the audience. It is indicated that Moscow will continue to seek from the authorities of these three countries “an objective comprehensive investigation of sabotage on gas pipelines” with the obligatory involvement of Moscow.


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