Russia is organizing a new cyberchampionship for Russian online games

At the exhibition of creative industries in the Zotov center, President Vladimir Putin instructed to establish an annual all-Russian e-sports tournament in the disciplines World of Tanks, World of Ships, Tank Blitz and other domestic online games, the head of the Moscow division of Lesta Games told Kommersant Gaukhar Aldiyarova.

“It will be an all-Russian championship, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, where games from domestic developers and developers from friendly countries can be presented,” she specified.

According to her, this tournament, for example, may include League of legends from the Chinese publisher Tencent, but such games as Counter-Strike from the American Valve Corporation will not be considered due to “one-sided coverage of political events within the gaming universe.”

Ms. Aldiyarova said that the President ordered the start of the championship from the Far East because of the need of the population of this region in such competitions. “A detailed plan for organizing the championship and the games that will participate in it will be drawn up by game experts together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI),” she added.

Earlier it became known that the game studio Lesta Games, which before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine was a division of the Belarusian Wargaming, will invest $100–150 million in 2023 in the development of the World of Tanks, World of Ships, Tanks Blitz projects in Russia and Belarus. and new games. Lesta Games also began to replenish the portfolio with new assets: the company acquired from Tencent structures the rights to publish and develop the multiplayer game Royal Quest in Russia.

Timofey Kornev, Nikita Korolev, Nizhny Novgorod


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