Russia is open to a political and diplomatic solution to the situation in Ukraine — EADaily, March 20, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News


    The situation in Ukraine can be resolved politico-diplomatically, Moscow is ready for this. But the future of such a process depends on the consent of the others to a serious dialogue, taking into account realities, according to an article by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the People’s Daily newspaper, the Russian text of which published on Sunday on the Kremlin website.

    “Russia is open to a politico-diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. However, back in April 2022, the peace talks were by no means terminated by us. The future of the peace process depends solely on the readiness for a serious conversation, taking into account the prevailing geopolitical realities,” the Russian leader emphasized.

    Unfortunately, he continued, the ultimatum demands addressed to Russia speak only of isolation from such realities and the lack of interest of other parties in finding a way out of the current situation.

    Putin noted that Moscow is grateful to Beijing for its balanced line in connection with the events taking place in Ukraine, for understanding their background and real reasons.

    “We welcome China’s willingness to play a constructive role in resolving the crisis,” the President added.

    At the same time, he believes, the crisis in Ukraine provoked and diligently fueled by Western countries is the brightest, but by no means the only manifestation of their intentions to maintain dominance in the international arena and a unipolar world order.

    “It is impossible not to understand that NATO is trying to give its activities a global scope, aiming to penetrate into the Asia-Pacific region. That some forces are persistently striving to split the common Eurasian space into a network of “exclusive clubs” and military blocs aimed at curbing the development of our countries and infringing on their interests. However, no one will be able to achieve this, – the head of the Russian state is sure.

    The Russian Federation, like its Chinese friends, stands for strict observance of the UN Charter, respect for international law, including humanitarian law, he said.

    “We are committed to the principle of the indivisibility of security, which is grossly violated by the NATO bloc. We are deeply concerned about irresponsible and simply dangerous actions that could undermine global nuclear security. Illegitimate unilateral sanctions that must be lifted are unacceptable.” – Putin outlined the position of Russia.

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