"Russia is gaining momentum": Poroshenko got scared "Russian revenge"


Motherland Monument in Kiev - 1920, 31.10.2021

MOSCOW, October 31 – Former President of Ukraine and Deputy of the Rada Petro Poroshenko said in Facebookthat fears “Russia’s energy revenge.”

“At a meeting with the head of the European Parliament delegation to the Eastern Partnership Parliamentary Assembly, Andrius Kubilius, we discussed the coordination of efforts to prevent the Kremlin’s energy revenge. It is very dangerous that Russia is gaining momentum. Today we are weaker than two or three years ago. this is “the winter of Russian revenge,” wrote Poroshenko.

He also added that Russia allegedly “always blackmailed Ukraine” until Kiev, under Poroshenko, stopped directly buying gas from Russia.
In addition, the former Ukrainian leader noted that in a conversation with Kubilius, he stressed the need to strengthen international solidarity against “Russian aggression.”


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