Russia imposes sanctions against 52 representatives of the leadership and politicians of Ireland

Russia has imposed sanctions on 52 key representatives of the leadership and politicians of Ireland. About it declared at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. As noted in the ministry, such a measure was taken in response to the anti-Russian course of the country’s government, which “unconditionally supports the unilateral restrictive measures introduced by the European Union against Russian citizens.”

In particular, Irish Prime Minister Michal Martin, his deputy Ler Varadkar, the chairman of the lower house of parliament (Doyla) Sean O’Foril, as well as Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Simon Coveney, Minister of Justice Helen McIntee, Treasury Secretary Pascal fell under the entry ban. Donoghue. In addition, sanctions apply to a number of Doyle’s senators and deputies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Ireland, acting under the dictation of Brussels, is conducting an aggressive anti-Russian propaganda campaign and has taken a course towards curtailing bilateral cooperation to the detriment of its own interests.


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