Russia grants Turkey gas payment deferral for $600 million until 2024

Russia and Turkey agreed to defer gas payments by $600 million until 2024. About this with reference to their sources informs Reuters.

“Officially, the $600 million payment has been deferred until next year. Rising energy prices have had a huge impact on this,” claims one of the agency’s sources.

According to Reuters, Ankara may receive a deferment on other similar payments in the coming months. It all depends on the dynamics of energy prices. Insiders note that we are talking about a total amount of four billion dollars.

Recall, on May 3, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez said that Ankara agreed with Gazprom to defer part of payments for gas after prices for blue fuel jumped sharply. The minister also stressed that relations between the countries are at a high level in all sectors, including the energy sector.


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