Russia for the first time deployed a full constellation of hydrometeorological satellites |  public domain | public domain

The State Corporation “Roscosmos” reported that the Russian Federation for the first time in its history placed in geostationary orbit a complete hydrometeorological constellation of the space system “Electro” consisting of three satellites.

Upon completion of the tests, “Electro-L” No. 4 began work for its intended purpose. At the moment, three satellites of the system (No. 2, No. 3, No. 4) are used in orbit.

The technique makes it possible to survey the surface of the Earth. Thanks to this, global issues of monitoring the state of the weather are solved, oceans and seas are analyzed, the speed of weather forecasts is increased, and information about emergencies is provided.

Earlier, Roscosmos cosmonauts carried out work on installing a new radiator on the Nauka laboratory module of the ISS.


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