Russia, EU and UK call for maximum restraint in hostilities


    Brussels and London say Israel has the right to defend itself, but urge it to do everything possible “to prevent a wider escalation of the conflict.” This was reported by The Times of Israel news agency on August 6.

    In turn, Russia called for maximum restraint in Gaza amid the worst escalation of violence since the 2021 clashes.

    “We are following developments with deep concern,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, adding that Moscow called on “all parties involved to exercise maximum restraint.”

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    A message similar in content was published by the European Union. “The European Union is following the latest developments in and around Gaza with great concern,” a spokesman for the EU foreign policy chief said in a statement. Josep Borrell.

    London’s position turned out to be somewhat different. “UK stands by Israel and its right to self-defense,” the Foreign Secretary tweeted. Liz Truss.

    Earlier, clashes resumed in Palestinian Gaza: the Israel Defense Forces announced that the goals of the operation would be fulfilled to the end in order to defeat terrorists from the Islamic Jihad group (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation).

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