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At the summit of the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries – the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia on November 24 in Kosice (Slovakia) and at a joint press conference, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban emphasized that illegal migration, the energy crisis, the prevention of economic recession and the protection of the external Schengen borders are common concerns for the V4 countries.

“The Visegrad cooperation is a thirty-year success story, and it was created because the countries were convinced that they had common interests and a number of common positions,” he said.

Prime Minister Orban said that Hungary is in a special position because it is the only country in Europe that now has to deal with two migrant crises at the same time. More than a million Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Hungary this year, and more than 250,000 attempts to illegally cross the border have been foiled this year on the country’s southern borders, Orban explained.

He said that since a protracted war is to be expected in Ukraine, the migration pressure from this country will increase in the next period, and there is a fair demand from the V4 that the EU also take on some of this burden. It should also be expected that migratory pressure from the south will increase in the next period, therefore, Orban told his V4 colleagues that a new formation has been created with Serbia and Austria, the purpose of which is to help each other in protecting the borders.

Orban also said that he asked his colleagues to consider whether they can contribute to cooperation in the field of protecting the Serbian-Hungarian border. At the summit in Kosice, he received a positive response, so at the next three meetings in Vienna, he will propose to the President of Serbia and the Chancellor of Austria to accept the proposals of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The Prime Minister noted that Hungary supports the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO, and this issue will be included in the agenda of the Hungarian parliament at its first meeting next year. “The Swedes and Finns will not lose a moment because of Hungary,” Orban said, adding that Hungary will certainly give them the necessary support in joining NATO.

Answering a journalist’s question, Orban also said that the Hungarian parliament has a resolution in which the Hungarians described what kind of European Union they want. According to him, the war swept away everything, but there were debates about the future of Europe, and every country had its say, including Hungary. Orbán said what the Hungarians want: “We envision a European Parliament with limited powers” based on national delegations, not direct elections.

“This is a casus belli in the eyes of the European Parliament, so we cannot expect to ever hear a single kind word from there, as we have questioned the position of the members sitting there,” – he said.

However, Viktor Orbán stated that all the obstacles between the European Commission and Hungary that had prevented the conclusion of an agreement so far had been removed. He explained that the European Commission had agreed on a 17-point package of demands on Hungary. “They said what they wanted” and then “we fleshed it out and implemented it.”

Orbán said he now expects Brussels to make a decision on Hungary at its Nov. 30 meeting. “We did everything we agreed on,” he said. Orban noted that since then there has already been an eighteenth demand on Hungary, which has also been agreed and will be met, but the deadline for it will be in March.

Then the Hungarian Prime Minister spoke about helping Ukraine. First of all, he noted that the V4 includes four sovereign states, and that each of its participants decides for himself the issue of military assistance, which is the competence of a sovereign state.

Orban emphasized that in V4 there is agreement on the strategic goals of Ukraine and Russia. Hungary also believes that Russia cannot pose a threat to the security of Europe, and it is important that there is always a sovereign Ukraine between NATO member states and Russia, which can maintain its territorial integrity, he explained.

The prime minister noted that Hungary supports Ukraine financially and has already allocated money for this, but it does not support the creation of a common European aid fund on account of the common debt of the European Union.

Orban stressed that Hungary had timely expressed its position to the European Commission regarding financial assistance to Kyiv, and “we warned in advance that we support financial assistance to Ukraine”, which, according to him, is correct and necessary. Hungary assumes the financial burden in this regard, he added.

He stressed that this planned EU aid to Ukraine is €18 billion and the Hungarian government has already allocated part of Hungary in this aid in its budget, and this money will be transferred to the Ukrainians. According to him, the Hungarian foreign minister is already authorized to negotiate on this issue with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Orban went on to say: “But we will not support any decision that will push the European Union towards a debt community.” “We take on the burden that falls on us, but we do not want to carry it through the EU, because we do not think that this is a good direction for the EU if it taxes itself and its member states more and more in the future. number of cases with ever larger amounts,” Orban said.

Viktor Orban said that this is the wrong direction and “we will never support this”, whether it is about Ukraine or any other financial issue.

In the final, when asked about the scarf with the slogan “Great Hungary” he wore during the football match at the World Cup on Sunday, Prime Minister Orban replied: “Calm down! A match is a match, and politics is politics, and they should not be confused.

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