Russia approved a plan for the development of multi-storey wooden housing construction


    The Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Emergency Situations approved a roadmap for the development of wooden housing construction, according to the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities. The action plan is designed for the period up to 2024.

    As clarified in the department, the document provides for the improvement of technical regulation and the expansion of the use of wooden structures. This includes the introduction of multi-storey wooden buildings using foreign and domestic experience, said Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services Irek Fayzullin.

    In addition, the roadmap involves research and development work to ensure fire, mechanical and seismic safety of high-rise buildings. This will solve the problems with restrictions in such construction.

    It is also planned to prepare projects for pilot facilities. These will be residential and public buildings from 3 to 12 floors. As Deputy Minister of Construction Sergey Muzychenko assured, “the safety of such houses and the quality of life in them will be comparable to more common buildings made of concrete and iron.”

    In 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop a set of measures aimed at developing the construction of residential buildings and social and cultural facilities using wooden structures.

    Lenar Safin, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, then proposed to separate wooden housing construction into a separate sector of the construction industry in order to stimulate demand for individual wooden construction in rural settlements.



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