Ruslan Bely’s performances were cut from Stand Up on TNT

Scenes featuring humorist Ruslan Bely were cut from episodes of the Stand Up show on TNT

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Scenes featuring comedian Ruslan Bely, who went abroad, were cut from the Stand Up show on TNT, the publication reported. star hit. The authors of the article noticed that the 43-year-old humorist had already been removed from the seventh season of the program, the host and producer of which he had been for several years.

According to the publication, Ruslan Bely disappeared from the old episodes of the show. In the new season, the participants take the stage not to the artist’s comments, but to the music.

The humorist himself previously admitted that he does not miss working in Stand Up. According to him, the comedians “did not communicate with the outside world” and hardly saw their relatives. He called that atmosphere a creative paradise, which physically turned out to be “hell.” Bely added that he easily parted with the past.

After the start of the special operation, the humorist left the country. He began to give concerts in neighboring republics. During the next show in Kazakhstan, he expressed bewilderment due to the fact that the Russians criticize the celebrities who left the Russian Federation. According to the writer Platon Besedin, Bely’s speeches look “disgusting” because of attacks on the USSR, Russia and Russians.


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