Ruins of 4,500-year-old unfinished Temple of the Sun found in Egypt


    Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt – 20 km from Cairo on the site of the Abu Ghurab temple complex – the ruins of the ancient Egyptian temple of Ra, writes Live Science.

    The temple was erected during the 5th dynasty (2465-2323 BC), when the popularity of the cult of Ra, the god of the Sun, reached its peak.

    The temple was built of raw brick and measured at least 60 by 20 meters. Archaeologists have identified an L-shaped entrance portico, a courtyard, warehouses and places of worship.

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    Also, many artifacts were found near the temple, including dozens of whole beer jugs and several jugs with the seals of the pharaohs who ruled during the 5th and 6th dynasties. One of the earliest seals belongs to Shepseskare, an obscure pharaoh who ruled Egypt before Nyuserre.

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