Rubin Central Design Bureau plans to make the Arctur nuclear submarine more secretive

MOD Russia/via
MOD Russia/via

The strategic submarine of the future generation “Arctur” will be more secretive due to its faceted shape and shaftless energy. This was reported at the Rubin Central Design Bureau in an interview with RIA News.

As the representative of the Central Design Bureau noted, methods for detecting submarines are constantly evolving. In this regard, it is necessary to modernize the methods of ensuring the secrecy of submarines.

“The new faceted shape of the Arcturus contours, together with a reduction in the size of the ship and a promising active coating, reduces the reflected sonar signal and reduces the detection range of the boat. The use of a distributed shaftless power plant with full electric propulsion helps to reduce noise, and the presence of two propulsion units increases the maneuverability and reliability of the missile carrier, ”the Rubin added at the Army-2022 forum.

Additionally APK “Arktur” will receive new weapons. Due to this modification, the volume of the submarine will decrease by about 20 percent. The submarine will be 134 meters long and 15.7 meters wide.


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