Rostov region bordering Donbass lives in emergency mode

According to him, the Rostov region lives in an emergency situation (ES), border crossings have been strengthened, and additional forces have been involved in maintaining order.

“The combatants, including the Cossack squads, are also involved in this work and in ensuring the safety of people. This is such a big systematic work, because the situation requires everyone’s attention,” Golubev pointed out.

According to Life’s interlocutor, the Rostov region continues to receive tourists, and not only in the resort of Taganrog, but also along the entire Azov coast, which can be called the safest sea in Russia. No drones or military operations literally “at hand” seem to scare away those who want to see the left bank of the Don and the Taganrog Bay.

“By the way, recently, including in 2022, the number of tourists has not decreased. People have been coming to us for decades, with their whole families. Our sea is shallow, warm, it is very good for children,” the governor remarked.


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