Sergey Smirnov/Global Look Press/PD
Sergey Smirnov/Global Look Press/PD

Rostelecom expects to become a monopolist in the supply of computer equipment (servers, etc.) to the Russian market as part of public procurement. The company wants to be the only supplier not only to departments, but also to commercial organizations, Kommersant reports.

This role wasproposedone of the structures of Rostelecom, but market participants did not like this idea. The Ministry of Digital Development also does not support the initiative with a single supplier. Purchasing services without bidding means no competition. In addition, the West may impose sanctions against such a company, and this creates a certain risk for both Rostelecom and its partners.

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine in the Russian Federation, several large companies stopped selling computer equipment. Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are sure that the country will cope with this challenge, find new ways to purchase supplies, so there will be no shortage.



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