Rostec announced the start of testing the latest sniper rifle “Ugolek”

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Preliminary tests of the latest sniper complex “Ugolek” started in Russia, the press service of the state corporation “Rostec” said in an interview with a journalist TASS. Based on the results of the testing activities, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will decide on the conduct of state tests.

Today, the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) is the main one in the Russian troops. Snipers have been using the weapon since the 1960s, when the SVD was first adopted.

“The new sniper complex, being created as part of the Ugolek development project, is undergoing preliminary tests at the TsNIItochmash base. Upon their completion, the customer (the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. – Approx. FAN.) Will decide on conducting state tests, ”said Rostec.

It is noted that “Ugolek” will have a significant superiority in combat effectiveness when compared with the SVD. The newest complex is being developed entirely from domestic materials and components. It is also assumed that the rifle will be equipped with new sighting systems and produced under the Russian cartridge, but in NATO calibers.


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