Ronaldo wants to leave Al-Nasr ahead of schedule – Kommersant

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo plans to terminate his contract with Al-Nasr club from Saudi Arabia ahead of schedule. This was reported by the sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo with reference to sources.

According to newspaper sources, Cristiano Ronaldo is dissatisfied with the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia and believes that it is far from “modern society”. According to the newspaper, in the near future, representatives of the football player’s entourage may publicly announce his intention to return to Europe.

If Cristiano Ronald decides to leave the club early without good reason, he will have to pay the club compensation for the remaining two years of his contract, as set out in FIFA’s transfer regulations. In addition, in this case, sanctions will be imposed on Cristiano Ronaldo and he will be banned from participating in any official match for four months.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Saudi club Al Nasr in December 2022. In April, the club changed the coach: Rudy Garcia was fired due to his criticism of the Portuguese striker, disagreements with the team and the team’s unsatisfactory results. Croatian Dinko Jelicic was appointed in his place.

Anastasia Larina


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