Romanian archaeologists make a sensational discovery in Transylvania


Romanian archaeologists have made a sensational discovery during excavations near the city of Oradea in Transylvania. In the tomb they excavated near the village of Bihar, dating from about 4600-4300 BC, that is, the Eneolithic era, 169 gold rings, a copper bracelet and about 800 mother-of-pearl pearls were found. About it was announced at a press conference in Orada.

In the tomb, according to archaeologists, a woman was buried, whose braids could be decorated with gold rings.

“Judging by the size of the skeleton and the size of the teeth, we are most likely talking about a woman. The fact that no weapons were found in the tomb also confirms this assumption. In such graves, warriors, leaders were usually buried, but in any case, men, only very rarely women. We would like to know what culture this man belonged to and whether the rings were made of gold from the Transylvanian mountains.” the archaeologist said Kalin Gemisawho directed the excavations.

Archaeological research began in Orada on March 29 and ended on June 25. Finds of this magnitude have not been made in Transylvania for the past 15 years.

A rare and important find has been made on the site of a future highway that will connect Oradea to the A3 motorway. Since the archaeological research at this site has been completed, the Strabag firm can continue to work on the creation of the track.

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