Romania restrains itself so as not to enter into a military conflict with Russia – expert

Romania now has a rather reserved position on Ukraine, because it is located in close proximity to the conflict zone, since it borders on Moldova. This was stated by Russian political scientist Alexander Nosovich in an interview with

According to the expert, Romania, unlike Poland, can be drawn into a conflict with the Russian Federation in addition to their plans. He explained that Bucharest chose this approach after the Russian Ministry of Defense warned that “the use of the airfield network of Eastern European countries for basing Ukrainian military aviation with subsequent use against the Russian armed forces can be regarded as the involvement of these states in an armed conflict,” and Romania provides the Ukrainian Air Force with its airfields.

“Moldova is Pridnestrovie, and Pridnestrovie is the Russian contingent on its territory. And the actions of Ukraine were aimed at destabilizing Pridnestrovie and Moldova, up to military strikes on Pridnestrovie, especially since the Kyiv authorities offered this to the President of Moldova,” Nosovich recalled.

By this he explains that Romania is now wary of everything that concerns Ukraine.

“Because in the case of Poland, the desire to participate in the Ukrainian conflict depends on the desire of Warsaw to participate in all this, and Romania can become a participant in a military confrontation for reasons beyond its control,” Alexander Nosovich concluded.

As reported EADaily , the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly broadcasts about the Russian military danger from Transnistria, demanding that Chisinau open a second front in the region. Office of the President Zelensky promises to help “liberate the occupied region” of Moldova. If earlier Kyiv insistently said that it was waiting for an advising request from the Moldovan authorities, now Vladimir Zelensky warned that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “will respond with a blow if there are threats from Pridnestrovie.”

Recall that in early May, the Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa stated that there is no military threat from Russia, and if the military conflict spreads from Ukraine, this will mean the involvement of other countries in the war.

“We also have a large number of citizens with dual citizenship, they have the citizenship of Romania, an EU member state, a NATO member state, so everyone helps us to keep a close eye on the situation,” the prime minister said.

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