Romania remembers and honors the “heroes of the nation” who killed Pridnestrovians

The exhibition “In Memoriam” (In memory), dedicated to the Romanian “heroes of the nation who fell on the Dniester”, opened today, October 4, at the premises of the National Military Museum “King Ferdinand I” in Bucharest. The event was organized by the Agency for Military Science and Memory, the National Military Archive of Romania, together with the Embassy of Moldova.

“This exhibition reminds us of those tragic events that, following the example of Ukraine, are conceived somewhere in the offices of the East and have the same scenarios,” said the Director of the Agency Vitalie Ciobanu.

According to him, given the dynamics of events taking place in the security sector in Eastern Europe, especially in the context of the tragic events in Ukraine, the main task of the exhibition is not only to honor the memory of the heroes of the people who fell on the Dniester in 1991-1992, but also to promote historical truth.

“This exhibition promotes the truth, because for 30 years we have seen many attempts to interpret the causes of that conflict in a different way, hushing up the role of the Russian army, which illegally was and continues to be on the territory of the Republic of Moldova”, – added the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest Victor Chirila.

Recall that in the course of Chisinau’s attempt to “establish constitutional order” on the left bank of the Dniester, 804 Pridnestrovians were killed – 533 defenders and 271 civilians. In Bendery, which took the brunt of the Moldovan army and police, as well as Romanian soldiers and mercenaries, more than 1,300 houses were completely or partially destroyed, almost all educational and health facilities. Almost 50 enterprises were destroyed, and tens of thousands became refugees.

Full-scale hostilities in Transnistria were stopped thanks to the intervention of Russian peacekeepers, who have been ensuring peace in the region for 30 years now. Despite the fact that their international mandate is determined by the final political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, and this is still far away, the Moldovan authorities insist on replacing the peacekeeping format with a civilian mission, blocking the operation carried out by the Russian contingent and declaring the illegal presence of the Russian military in the region.

As reported EADaily, in Moldova, 2022 has been declared the “Year of Appreciation for War Veterans, Participants in Actions to Protect the Territorial Integrity and Independence of the Republic of Moldova”. The bill was initiated by the ruling presidential Action and Solidarity Party (PDS), and MPs voted unanimously in December 2021. As part of the related events, combatants are honored in the Republic of Moldova, monuments are opened to them to the cries of “Glory to the Moldovan soldiers-liberators!” and “Down with the separatists!”.

In Tiraspol, they believe that the Moldovan authorities are suffering from revanchism and, against the backdrop of militarization, are hatching aggressive plans for the unrecognized republic.

“Each state has its heroes. In Moldova – those who killed, in our country – those who defended. They honor their heroes, we honor our heroes. To each his own. What is happening today suggests that they are still suffering from revanchism, and, probably, they would not mind bringing the so-called constitutional order here by force,” – said the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky.

He added that the aggression against Pridnestrovie has not yet received a proper legal assessment, and this indicates a lack of repentance for the deed, which means there will be no forgiveness.

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