Roman Protasevich testified in the case of an attempted coup in Belarus

Former Belarusian opposition leader Roman Protasevich On August 11, he was called to testify at the trial in the case of an attempted coup d’état in Belarus. This is reported by the Sputnik agency.

Protasevich said that he was a transmission link between the conspirators and the headquarters of the ex-candidate for the presidency of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

“To me Dmitry Shchigelsky said that there is an option for the violent overthrow of the government in Belarus, and invited to participate in the zoom conference, ”Protasevich said in court.

At the trial, Protasevich said that Tikhanovskaya was supposed to become the person who would be sworn in by the military. She listened, but was wary of the idea, thinking that “there would be a lot of blood.”

At the same time, if the headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya wanted to participate in a forceful scenario, then she would face a strict condition – participation in financing.

“Tsikhanouskaya’s headquarters itself had no money, so I tried …

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