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Rogozin accused US private companies of transferring data to Ukraine for military purposes

Moskva Agency / Sergey Vedyashkin
Moskva Agency / Sergey Vedyashkin

Private companies from the United States collect data for missile guidance and transfer it to Ukraine. This was announced by the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

The head of the state corporation noted that the Pentagon uses space infrastructure to obtain seamless, highly detailed images of the Earth. The agency also connects all private American companies to its military orbital group, Rogozin said.

“And Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, and other companies, also private, like Space X today, they are all connected to solve one specific problem,” he said.

Rogozin noted that they ensure the collection of information in real time. The Ukrainian Armed Forces can use this data cloud for targeting and subsequent guidance of ballistic missiles or MLRS, he said.

The head of Roscosmos also noted the work of the Starlink global satellite system of SpaceX. According to him, the company imported subscriber equipment to Ukraine on the Pentagon’s task.

Earlier, Rogozin suggested what would happen to Lithuania after the “suicidal decision” on Kaliningrad. He also recalled that in 2002-2003 joint decisions were made between the EU, Russia and Lithuania to ensure the guaranteed transit of Russian cargo.



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