Rights of Hindu temples must be handed over to Hindu devotees its wealth be used for Hindus only, says Mohan Bhagwat


    Expressing concern over the disorder in the operation of some temples in the country, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday said that the operation of such temples should be handed over to Hindus and their property should be used only for the welfare of the Hindu community. Be.

    Addressing the annual Vijayadashami event at Reshmibagh, Bhagwat said that in South India the temple is completely under the control of the state governments, while in the rest of the country, some are managed by the government and the rest with the devotees. Giving the example of Vaishno Devi temple run by the government, he said that it is being run very effectively. He also cited the example of Gajanan Maharaj in Buldhana, Maharashtra and Jhandewala temple in Delhi.

    Bhagwat further said, “But the temples which are not being run effectively, there has been loot. In some temples there is no system of governance in some temples. Instances of misuse of movable and immovable properties of temples have come to the fore. “Properties of Hindu temples are used for non-Hindus – who have no faith in Hindu gods. Hindus also need it, but it is not used for them.

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    Bhagwat said that there are some orders of the Supreme Court regarding the management of temples. Also said that a decision needs to be taken on how the Hindu society will manage these temples. According to Sir Sanghchalak, social consciousness is still influenced by caste based sentiments.


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