Riga prepares for demolition of memorial to “liberators” in Victory Park


The Riga City Council on Friday decided to start all the preparatory work necessary for the future dismantling of the Soviet memorial to the “liberators” in Victory Park.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by the national LSM broadcaster.

It is specified that the Duma opposition raised objections, the debate was lengthy. As a result, the decision to begin preparations for the demolition of the memorial was made by 39 votes against 13.

Against this background, in the afternoon during an unauthorized event on the Town Hall Square in Riga, near the Duma building, five people were detained, among them a member of the European Parliament Tatiana Zhdanok.

The police gathered substantial forces on the Town Hall Square in Riga to prevent an unauthorized rally against the demolition of the Soviet monument to the “liberators”. Police officers, including those from the Special Purpose Battalion, were stationed on the street adjacent to the square. In addition, masked law enforcement officers have been placed on the upper floors of the Town Hall building and are watching the square.

Miroslav Mitrofanov, co-chairman of the Russian Union of Latvia confirmed Delfithat his fellow party member Zhdanok was detained and will be taken to the police station.

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As reported, Zhdanok was one of the few MEPs who did not support the March resolution against Russian aggression in Ukraine, for tougher sanctions against the Russian Federation, also aimed at granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate.

On Thursday, the Latvian Saeima adopted amendments to the law removing legal obstacles to the demolition of the Soviet memorial in Victory Park. There are discussions around this topic. This place was used by pro-Russian forces for their events, especially on May 9th. Against the background of full-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine, the ruling coalition began to insist on the demolition of the Soviet memorial to the “liberators”.


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