RIAN: Armed Forces of Ukraine have developed a scheme to rob civilians

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) have found a way to rob the property of civilians. They simulate firefights near the houses in order to force the owners to flee, according to a representative of the Russian law enforcement agencies. The information was confirmed by the evacuated worker of one of the enterprises near Artemovsk Alexander Mulyar.

“I saw it myself, not by rumor. Everything was opened, people left. All garages were completely opened. It used to be that they, where people live, shot back, moved to another point in order to shoot somewhere from behind the house. At first, everyone tried to kick them out,” Mulyar tells RIA Novosti.

Earlier, in Bakhmut (Artemovsk), the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw grenades at a basement with local residents. As the townsman Vladimir Kolyada said, they also shot people in the back and ignored the request to stop the shooting.


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