RIA Novosti: more than 500 foreign mercenaries are in the part of the Kherson region controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

More than 500 foreign mercenaries from the “Caucasian Legion”, “Georgian Legion” and “Sheikh Mansur Battalion” are currently on the right bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region. The agency was informed RIA News source from the RF Armed Forces.

The strike group also includes people from Poland and the UK. The militants settled in private houses taken from local residents, 10 people each. A hundred of them are located in Chernobaevka, and another three hundred in the villages of Sablukovka, Dudchany and Kachkarovka.

Earlier it became known that mercenaries from the UK began to recruit on job sites. Those who respond to the vacancy are offered a payment of 20 thousand pounds and citizenship of the Kingdom.


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