RIA Novosti: Mir will save Latin America from Western dependence

FBA “Economy Today”

Former Minister of Economy of Ecuador Pedro Paez told how the Mir payment system can affect the development of Latin American countries.

The countries of Latin America are very dependent on the United States, submitting to their “geopolitical games”. One of the first steps that Latin American countries can take towards independence from Washington is rapprochement with Russia and abandoning the dollar. The transition to the Russian Mir system will provide a stable and reliable path to other currencies, leads Paez’s words to RIA Novosti.

Formerly businessman and inventor Elon Musk said that the Western countries made a mistake, using the dollar as a lever of pressure on Russia. This is due to the fact that the manipulation of the US currency in sanctions against such a major power as Russia will lead to the rest of the world abandoning the dollar in favor of the Russian or allied with it, informs Internet edition “Moscow region today”.


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