RF Armed Forces destroyed SBU employees, 9 countries for Ukraine in NATO: the main thing about the SVO by October 2

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The armed forces of the Russian Federation destroyed dozens of employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and foreign advisers, hitting the building on the building of the SBU. The leaders of 9 NATO member countries called for Ukraine’s entry into the alliance. URA.RU brings the main news about the special operation by the evening of October 2.

  • The Russian army killed dozens of foreign advisers and employees in a strike on the building of the Security Service of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk. According to the Ministry of Defense, more than 35 SBU employees were killed as a result of a high-precision missile strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces.
  • The heads of nine NATO countries called for Ukraine’s entry into the alliance. Thus, the heads of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and Slovakia spoke for Ukraine’s entry into NATO.
  • A series of explosions thundered in Kherson. According to a RIA Novosti correspondent, the walls of the buildings were shaking from the explosions. There were five to seven in total.
  • Soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine complained about the lack of winter uniforms. One of the fighters, Sergeant Konstantin V., explained that their unit was given winter clothes in the summer. Therefore, off-season clothing had to be abandoned during the retreat right at the combat positions.

  • The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation recognized the accession of the LDNR, Kherson region and Zaporozhye to Russia. The relevant rulings were published on the official website of the court on October 2.


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