Revva, who is losing his earnings in Russia, is forced to entertain people at corporate parties

Actor, singer and comedian Alexander Revva is losing his earnings in Russia. According to Life, now the artist is forced to perform at corporate parties in order to somehow secure an income.

Back in February 2022, Revva condemned the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine, but then fell silent. In 2021, his Moscow companies Voice Media and Voice Media Production, which produce films, videos and TV shows, brought in just over a hundred million. But, given the stage downtime in 2022, revenues could not help but fall.

At the end of last year, the artist was looking for an opportunity to return to the Russian stage. He visited the glamorous premiere at the “Artistic” cinema, as well as the show “Song of the Year”. At the same time, at both events, the singer tried not to get into the camera lenses.

You can read about Revva’s real estate in Russia and abroad, as well as its fleet, in the Life material. In addition, we learned how the comedian’s wife lives and owns.


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