Reviving the title of “Mother Heroine”: Tamara Frolova spoke about preferences for large families


In Russia, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin restored the title of “Mother Heroine”, which existed in Soviet times, and returned it to the rank of the highest ranks, along with the Hero of Labor and the Hero of the Russian Federation. The honorary title is intended to emphasize the importance of the special status of mothers of large families and to enhance the prestige of a large family in society. State Duma deputy Tamara Frolova told what benefits are due to women who have received the title of “Mother Heroine”.

The family is the abode of eternal values. Column by Tamara Frolova

The family is the basis of the state! In Russia, by the Decree of the President, the title of “Mother Heroine” has been revived. It will be awarded to Russian women who have given birth and raised 10 or more children. To the title, in addition to the order and diploma, a one-time payment of 1 million rubles is due. It will amount to half a million for those awarded the Order of Parental Glory – this is for families with seven children or more. And two hundred thousand rubles – for those who have the medal of the same name and four children.

It is no coincidence that the family is called the unit of society. After all, what is the family – such is the society, what is the society – such is the country. And therefore, on the scale of the whole of Russia, we must first of all take care of the family and its well-being. After all, it is in it that patriotism, love for the Motherland, native land and neighbors are born – eternal values ​​on which the true spirit of the Russian people and the future of our great country depend.

It is remarkable that today great attention at the state level is paid to family issues, especially to large families. They deserve it! They raise sons and daughters of the Fatherland!


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