Revealed the secrets of the popular program “Fashion Sentence”

      Prt scr Channel One/Fashion Sentence
    Prt scr Channel One/Fashion Sentence

    A participant in one of the episodes of the Fashion Sentence show on Channel One admitted that the new outfits for the heroines are not free.

    The in-demand fashion shows are filmed over a 12-hour day, and up to three contestants can appear on the catwalk at the same time. One of the heroines shared her impressions of participating in the show and revealed the secrets of the “inner kitchen”.

    “Images along with clothes are sold to the heroes of the program – they pay 13 percent of the tax for the wardrobe,” the woman said in an interview with

    Recall that the shooting of the popular show was suspended due to the start of a forced special operation to protect the civilian population of Donbass.

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