Revealed the details of the murder of a five-year-old boy in Tula

The details of the brutal crime have become known. A random woman helped to get on the trail of the killer. The girl tried to prosecute prostitutes for publishing her photos. This is reported by the Baza Telegram channel.

A year ago, the girl’s husband went to a prostitute. The couple broke up on an unkind note, the husband was offended by his ex-wife and gave her nude photos to his new friend. So intimate photos got on the sites at the direction of services of a sexual nature. At first, the woman tried to solve the problem with the help of the police, but nothing came of it, as the law enforcement officers refused to initiate a criminal case against her.

Then the girl pretended to be a prostitute and began to communicate with one of the “mothers” Katya. It was she who told her the story that one of the prostitutes has a young man who killed and buried her child and dog. Knowing this, she still continued to live with the alleged killer. The woman took a screenshot of the correspondence and contacted the police with them.

Law enforcement officers were able to find a prostitute, and then her roommate. The man confessed. He reported that he beat the child to death because he was crying.

Earlier FAN wrote that a Tuvan came to visit her sister and killed her niece.


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