Revealed a spicy way to improve relationships in a couple

March 03, 2023, 05:08

Sexologist Cooper: stories about past intimate life can improve relationships

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Stories about a past intimate life can help improve relationships in a couple. Sexologist Ness Cooper is sure of this. She explained the exciting effect of such stories to the publication Metro.

“Some people who enjoy hearing about their partner’s erotic past may experience a form of compression – they feel happy and even aroused knowing that their partner had a positive sexual experience in a previous relationship,” the sexologist explained.

According to her, this phenomenon is quite common. Cooper called compersion a spicy way to improve relationships. However, this happens on the condition that the past experience of intimate life and the joy from it are transferred to the present.

As the sexologist explained, a person may be interested in learning more about a partner’s sexual likes and dislikes. For him, this is a way to find out more about a loved one. In addition, with the help of such stories, you can diversify your sex life, because it is clear what your partner liked. According to Cooper, potential partners find those people who have rich sexual experience behind them to be more attractive.

“We all know that multiple sexual partners and the thought of sex with others is normal,” said the sexologist.

She also urged not to be ashamed if such stories excite.


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