Reuters: US delays imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods due to situation around Taiwan


The White House decided to postpone the imposition of customs duties on Chinese goods, the agency said. Reuters with reference to sources. According to them, this happened due to the aggravation of relations between the United States and China against the background of the visit of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

According to agency sources, the US government, due to rising inflation, intended to solve problems with duties on goods from China, which were introduced by former President Donald Trump. In particular, it was planned to remove some half-tires in order to put them on other goods later.

However, according to Reuters, the visit of Ms. Pelosi led to the decision to postpone these measures. According to the agency, the White House does not want to take steps that could be perceived as an escalation of the conflict over Taiwan. According to the agency, during the consideration of the issue of abolishing duties on certain goods from China, the US authorities tried to get Beijing to take similar steps, but were refused.

Nancy Pelosi, head of the American delegation, arrived in Taiwan on August 2 as part of an Asian tour. The Chinese authorities considered that such a step by the United States violates the “one China” policy. In response, they began military exercises in the Taiwan area, and also stopped supplying sand to the island and banned the import of citrus fruits and fish.

Read more about the situation in Taiwan after the visit of the American politician in the material “Kommersant” “Thank you, Pelosi.”

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