Reuters: Cubans are fighting on the side of Russia

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

At least 119 Cubans volunteered to join the Russian Armed Forces. Reuters reports this.

“Gonzalez was one of 119 Cubans training there. According to him, when he arrived in Russia, he signed a contract to work in the army,” writes agency, citing the words of one of the Cubans who has already completed the training course and also received a Russian passport. According to Gonzalez, all those who came to the country knew what they were getting into.

He also added that he went to the special operation because Moscow has been a loyal ally of Cuba for decades. Russia helped save my family, Gonzalez concluded.

URA.RU sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Defense to clarify the information. A response is awaited.

Earlier, Cuba’s ambassador to Moscow, Julio Antonio Garmendia Peña, said that the republic is not opposed to the legal participation of its citizens in the Russian North-West Military District in Ukraine. However, he noted that the country opposes the illegality of these operations. Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree defining the procedure for recruiting foreign citizens to serve in the Russian Armed Forces. In accordance with the amendments, they can now, like Russian citizens, serve in the army under a contract.


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