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Results of the third day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum


The key event of the third day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was the speech of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. He stressed that no one will ever be able to “bend” Russia, it will continue to live and work on the principle of openness, trust and is not going to isolate itself from the rest of the world, no matter how much some Western countries would like, and the state’s economy, according to the president, today in more than safe hands.

“The second principle of our long-term development is the reliance on entrepreneurial freedoms. Every private initiative aimed at benefiting Russia should receive maximum support and space for implementation,” he said.

The head of state emphasized that Russian business, against the backdrop of external restrictions and the pandemic, has demonstrated the ability to survive and successfully compete in global markets, while fully self-fulfilling within the country. This applies to both small and medium-sized businesses and large monopoly corporations. The St. Petersburg forum clearly showed this.

“The most important thing is that the very concept of business is changing. Money and profit cease to be an end in itself. Today, everything you do is not done for yourself, but for new generations. This is a new approach, and this is especially important, ”said Aram Gabrelyanovwell-known journalist, publisher.

But big business is not all that was discussed at the forum. In the opinion of all participants, the dominant factor in the Russian economy should be the human factor – what is done for the benefit of ordinary people. Lowering the mortgage rate to seven percent, which the President of Russia spoke about, will have a beneficial effect on the lives of millions of our citizens, especially on young families with children.

“We have lowered the mortgage rate several times in recent years. Now the president’s decision will not only help low-income families, large families, and other privileged categories, but will also spur the construction industry. We’ll kill two birds with this. It is very effective,” said the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov.

Journalists were the first to assess the prospects that await the country after the economic forum.

“Today the country especially needs a new creative, positive climate. This forum is special. The first forum that takes place after the start of the special operation, in a situation of a hostile environment. It is colored by the global socio-political task that Russia is successfully tackling. Here everything is sharper, more natural, for real. Pure relations have been built with the West, without ambiguities and omissions. Such a forum is very important,” the journalist and TV presenter noted. Dmitry Kiselev.

Tomorrow is the last day of the forum, and it will already be possible to sum up the final results of the event. One thing is clear: for the Russian economy today it will become a landmark, determining its development, as well as the path of the entire country, for many years to come.



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