Residents of the DPR decided to vote for Russia in an original way

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Referendum on the entry of the liberated territories into Russia

Residents of the DPR decided to vote for Russia in a non-standard way – they put on the ballots not only ticks, but also other symbols of support – the heart. This is reported by the correspondent of URA.RU from the scene.

When counting ballots in the presence of the media and observers, a form was found with a heart instead of a tick. Another resident confirmed his confidence in the desire to join Russia with three exclamation points.

From 23 to 27 September, referendums were held on the accession of the liberated territories to Russia. According to the results of the exit polls, 89% of voters in the Kherson region voted for joining Russia, and in Zaporozhye, the votes were 95%. The territories themselves were liberated by Russian soldiers during a special operation on the territory of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to protect the civilian population of Donbass.


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