Residents of the Chelyabinsk region bought a car for the soldiers to the front. Photo

Collecting humanitarian aid to refugees from the LDNR in the Church of St. George.  Chelyabinsk, humanitarian aid, essentials

In the Nagaybaksky district of the Chelyabinsk region, residents raised money and bought a car for the fighters of the special military operation. The initiator of the collection was Alexei Kinzin, a deputy of the district assembly and an entrepreneur from Ferchampenoise.

“On March 22, a new UAZ car arrived in the region, which will go to the front. Funds for the purchase were raised within a month by local residents and entrepreneurs. The action was organized by a deputy of the district assembly, an entrepreneur from Ferchampenoise Kinzin,” the editorial office of the Vskhody newspaper reported.

The car will be equipped with everything you need. Before being sent to the special operation zone, it will be loaded with parcels for the fighters. Deputy Kinzin noted that residents of the Verkhneuralsky, Chesme, Kartalinsky regions also participated in the fundraising.

The UAZ car has yet to be equipped with everything necessary before being sent to the fighters


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